As a global healthcare and wellness solution provider, The Hale Clinic is offering highly satisfactory services in London. Expert medical practitioners perform over 50 varied types of therapies in The Hale Clinic. The team has the ability to do far better. The need of an experienced SEO service provider was felt to increase the local reach and visibility on the web. The need was to rank the website with the help of organic keywords and attract more unique visitors on the haleclinic.com website. For the same Weblyke – the digital marketing agency was hired.

Client: Hale Clinic

Industry: Health Care & Wellness

Services:  Health care services and medical problem solution


The growing need of health care services and solution to the different medical problems encouraged the development of a huge number of the service providers engaged in rendering the varied range of the medical care services worldwide. Now, the problem was to compete in the competitive market. The need was to look for a dependable Digital Marketing agency or service provider who could overcome the challenge of search engine optimization needs. The concerned representative got in touch with us at Weblyke. We have long discussion, face to face meeting to understand the nature of business, types of services rendered and learn more about the working areas.

“The company Hale Clinic aimed at boosting sales in each and every facility it provided to its valued patients/clients coming from different locations. The core objective was to boost sales and promote colonic irrigation hydrotherapy, Hyperbaric Oxygen Therapy, and Hyperbaric Oxygen Therapy in London.”

In this competitive world, diverting patients from a clinic to another one was a tedious task. The Weblyke team was confident about their skills, knowledge, and expertise in the digital marketing solution services.


The target customers were not only the males but also females. The problem and the need of colon hydrotherapy were very common but the real challenge was to divert the patients from other clinics to Hale Clinic. The task was not easy but Weblyke decided to take up the challenge and initiated with the digital marketing solution services.

A dedicated team was allocated the task of increasing the reach of Hale Clinic worldwide and boosts the sales in the shortest period of time. The team in coordination with Mr. Dev – Co-founder Weblyke arranged a short discussion followed by the preparation of the detailed plan. The relevant keywords were made targeting the services to be focused more.

The content need was shared with the content writers. The content work was assigned to a highly experienced and versatile writer. The relevant keywords were also shared. On the other hand, the digital marketing team at Weblyke got engaged in performing the different on page and off-page marketing activities at regular interval.

“The different types of contents including article, blogs, and others were posted regularly. The reports were generated, analysed, and discussed with the concerned team members. The progress report was shared and ideas were exchanged from time to time by the representatives at Hale Clinic, said Dev – Co-founder, Weblyke.”


The Digital Marketing team members at Weblyke worked dedicatedly for a few months. The required contents were published on varied publishing sites, medical directories, and other promotional destinations.  A result-oriented marketing strategy was prepared. The SEO activities were performed based on the prepared marketing strategies.

The honest efforts were made. The expected result was achieved ahead of the agreed timeline.  Hale Clinic started receiving inquiries. It was searched online frequently from varied locations in London.

The competition was strong in the health and wellness sector but we were confident about our result-based SEO strategies. We worked hard and achieved organic keyword ranking. The increase in Traffic was noticed. Within a period of 2 months, the website ranking boosted 2 pages ahead. There was the increase in the percentage of traffic on haleclinic.com website resulting in more clinical therapy inquiries.

“We developed good understanding and business relationship. We hope for long term and fruitful relationship, said Digital Marketing Head, Weblyke.”

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