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    Incredible Book Page Layout & Cover Design

    A book should not be judged by its cover, but unfortunately, that is the way it is done. So if you want your book to be a bestseller, your book’s layout design must have a professional appeal with a cover design that entices your target readers in the domestic and international market. The creative book design services offered at Weblyke is matchless.

    Our team of professional cover design artists and graphic designers offer solutions to those on the lookout for appealing designs that make a book stand out in the crowd. Our creative team works attentively to come up with the out of the world ideas that brighten up your book cover and page designs. We use the best software application for the typesetting and book layout for your one or more books.

    Overcoming challenges in book design is easy only for experienced book designers only. Our book design team is an expert in the field and believes in delivering the outstanding book designs loved not only by a publisher but also the readers in the different age groups. Create a plan on how will you start according to the concept. Plan the cover design. Get the approvals from the other project members and finish by printing. We acclaim to be the top local book design agency preferred for the committed services.


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    • Product-design

      Product design

      Your cover design will become a small part of your reader’s decorating scheme at home. They want a book that looks good on the shelf and that affects their decision-making at the point of purchase.

    • Product-packaging

      Product packaging

      Books don’t need to be sold in a box—the cover is a built-in wrapper. This means the marketing functions of package design, like attracting the attention of a potential reader, must be accomplished by the cover design.

    • Ad-Artwork

      Ad Artwork

      Wherever you advertise, you’ll use the image of your book cover as part of the ad art. This is especially important online where a cover needs to look good in many different sizes.

    Brand identity

    Make your book the best seller with our unbeatable book design

    Your cover design forms the basis of your author brand. This is especially true for authors of multiple books or series where certain cover elements usually repeat on each book so that readers will be able to recognize an author’s work by sight. Hence, brand identity is important. Paper books are efficient and elegant. Hire Weblyke the top local book design company.


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    Frequently Asked Questions

    Top most popular FAQs

    Q. How much time does it take to design a book cover?

    The time taken by us to design our book covers varies depending on the requirements of the customers. We don’t take more than a week to deliver our clients with the draft of the book design. Depending on the corrections you need in the draft, we will deliver you with the necessary design. We generally satisfy our clients in the first draft only, but we will keep on going until you found your perfect book cover.

    Q. How much does a book designing cost?

    Depending on the type of services you need and the type of book cover we have to design, we will continue with our work accordingly. We indulge in providing a custom offer that will serve your needs totally. Our pricing are reasonable and highly competitive in the market.

    Q. What is the process for book designing followed at WebLyke?

    You have to provide us with any titles or subtitles and author’s name for the initial design of the book, a brief summary of what the book is all about, the number of pages in the book, the publishing house name which is going to publish the book, any book style that you like, particular image that you like, text for the back cover of the book, photograph of the author on the back of the book, and some text about you. Also, you can provide the ideas that you wish to share with us.

    Q. Do you charge for revisions made in the book cover design?

    No, we do not. We will keep on designing the book cover until you are satisfied with our products and services. We do not charge for any revision that you ask from us. You only have to pay once when you find your designed book cover design satisfactory.

    Q. What are the different genres we design?

    We cover all the themes related to the book cover design right from fiction, to non-fiction and from self-help to recipe books, and much more. We can practically design any type of genre you want. All we need is a specific summary or a gist about the book and we will let our creative minds do the rest of the speaking.

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