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    Expert Email Marketing Services for Various Industries

    Over the decade, email marketing has emerged as a wide scope for digital marketing services. There is an exact figure to prove this fact with its rise by about 7% from the year 2008 to the present. The growth is also substantial because the markets have explored several newer technologies.

    Email Marketing is an effective way of providing strategies to serve customers. The effect of such tactics is visualized in the fact that buyers of our first time turning into a loyal and happy customer.

    These services have risen also due to an increase in a more formal way of communication which can be seen in daily emails. Every user is bounded to check their mail ids, more than once in a day which has raised the bar for these services. It has outgrown as the number 1 communication channel. Email is the ownership of a person, not subject to any other social media apps. As a trusted email marketing agency in India, we are available to serve clients across industries.


    Email Marketing is Beneficial for the Various Industries Including

    • IT-Sectors

      IT Sectors

      This use of email marketing in the IT industry has shown excellent results. Businesses have experienced great benefits of effective email marketing services.

    • Non-Profit-Organizations

      Non-Profit Organizations

      Non-profit organisations have increased the importance of email marketing services in recent times. It is useful for all.

    • Retail-Mail-Order

      Retail/Mail Order

      ROI for this sector has shown a substantial increase with the irresistible e-mailers used in varied email marketing campaigns.

    • E-Commerce-Sector

      E-Commerce Sector

      The email campaigns are run frequently to target potential customers by email marketing experts.

    • Service-sector

      Service sector

      The importance of email marketing company in India has increased in the service sectors because of the outstanding business results.

    • Manufacturing-Industry

      Manufacturing Industry

      It is also the industry enjoying the benefit of e-mail marketing. It helps in the growth of a client database.

    Email Marketing Company in India

    Managed Services for Your Business

    Our vertical solutions for email marketing services have witnessed higher demand in the recent times. In the up-gradation brought up by digital marketing, email has emerged as a prominent solution. We have very captive clients who are able to ensure the profit of their brands using online promotion techniques. It has increased the conversation rates of customers.

    The observation of a targeted audience has been crucial in the growth of email marketing. There are certain plans which are to be created to deliver what is required. Companies have shown interest in taking advantage of performance-driven e-mail marketing services to attract more clients.

    We have proficient e-mail marketing experts in this field who are willing to offer you services that can enhance your business market. Our solutions to the market problem have already created a buzz and we are available to offer online marketing solutions within your budget. Weblyke is a professional email marketing agency in India offering quality services at an affordable cost. Hire us today!


    We work with global brands

    Marketing Strategies

    Key to Success for Email Marketing Services

    • Prepare-lists

      Prepare lists

      You need to have a good list of consumers who can be persuaded to purchase your brand.

    • Strong-Content

      Strong Content

      The content sent, should be attractive and tempting to the consumer so that it can generate connectivity.

    • Timing


      The number of times the e-mail should be delivered should be decided based on the perfect analysis.


    Why Choose us for Email Marketing Services?

    Unique Email Marketing Strategy

    We reach our clients with an appropriate strategy on how to successfully promote their company. Our technical panel understands a client’s business requirements and provides them effective guidance based on their preference. We have certain management plans through which we ensure the growth of their market share and increase in several customers.

    Transparent Services

    We have a team of experts who works to achieve client satisfaction. We do not keep any kind of hidden policies with the client. Our contracts are fair and are strictly based on providing a client with their suitable services. We earn your trust through our dependable delivery of work.

    Our feedback has made us reach this stage. We have a strong team of experts. We employ experts who are good at running email marketing campaigns to target the right customers.

    Email Marketing Experience

    We are working in this field for several years and our only motto is to work smarter to achieve the desired business results. We have emerged as a successful service provider. We have statistical facts to prove our digital marketing services work over the period. We follow the right approach. It is our experience, SEO practices, email marketing, and knowledge about the domestic and international market that helps us drive-in the outstanding results in no time.

    Help us to serve you with our highly-effective email marketing services!


    Our banking expertise

    NanoSoft is a joint venture between Linethemes and Themeforest. Our experts have deep knowledge about the complexities of the banking industry, and know how to deploy digital technology to transform banks’ operations.


    Financial services firms worldwide


    The top largest banks worldwide.
    Email Marketing Services in Delhi

    We’ve been working with Weblyke for around 6 months and are very pleased with the results they’ve generated. They managed expectations well and we’ve seen a significant increase in site traffic and most importantly, quality website enquiries very early. The growth has been steady and we’re pleased with the positive impact they’ve had on our business.

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    Frequently Asked Questions

    Top most popular FAQs

    Q. What is E-Mail Marketing?

    It is basically a process of delivering messages to the individual being selected randomly via email. These e-mails are not much random and are being sent to those who have a potential to turn into a future client for the company.

    It can be used to share the product ads, requests for business or for asking for any donations. It is a process of enhancing relations of merchant with client.

    Q. Which among these is best – Purchased Email List or Organic Email List?

    For an email marketer achieving of the essential end goals is the main task. The campaign is a total wastage if it does not enter into a right inbox. There are several drawbacks of purchased emails list and one should always go for the organic list that has genuinely shown interest on your website products.

    Q. What are best evaluation metrics for email marketing?

    The criterion for evaluation of performance differs for every brand. On the basis of your campaigns and your goals, you have to analyze the growth on weekly or monthly basis. It is also essential to look at multiple metrics instead of single metrics. As it is much easier to improve single metric and the overall growth is observable through the multiple matrices only.

    Q. Should I opt for e-mail marketing or social media?

    Even in the advanced times there are more e-mail accounts rather than social media enthusiasts. It is still considered as the important marketing channel for the brands. It is the most formal way of communicating to a person without disturbing their privacy. Our Weblyke email marketing services are more comprehensive and we have effective team for providing original marketing customers.

    Q. What is the essential aspect of Email Campaigns?

    The QA process for any campaign is vital for the client. There are special requirements for managing content of emails. As the e-mail is the only specific method for dealing with the clients. Most of the companies hire e-mail proof writer for effective content being displayed. The pre-send checklist should be correctly created before sending.

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