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Social Media Marketing Demystified – Your Know It All Guide

social media marketing guide

The Power of Social Media is something every business from the multi-billion dollar enterprises to the many thousand dollar start-ups has been exploring in recent years. Before we delve further into why your business needs to hire a social media marketing agency and how to go about running an inspiring campaign, let us simply warm you up to the immense power of social media marketing and why no business can take its eyes off this revolution.

If you are still fond of old school marketing and yet to embrace this evolutionary channel of marketing here are some stats that would help me reason it out with you. By the time you are done reading through this post (considering an average 200 words per minute) lot would have happened on social media. Just to give you some insights –

  • 7.2 million tweets would be posted on Twitter
  • 7500 new users would have joined Facebook
  • 26 million photos would be liked on Instagram
  • 50 million plus posts would be shared on Facebook
  • 45 million posts would be liked on Facebook

The enormity of social media and its potential to help your business grow wouldn’t have escaped your eyes reading through these stats. This brings us to an important question – can you manage your own social media campaign or do you need to hire social media marketing consultant? Most businesses choose the latter option and have benefitted immensely in terms of growing brand equity, increased sales and improved customer satisfaction. Businesses that have tried the ‘DIY’ route to social media marketing have met with limited success. Given the fact that almost every business wants to leverage social media it has become a competitive ecosystem where only the best campaigns meet their desired goals. Merely creating social media handles or sending out a few tweets and posts every week won’t help you. You need to hire a digital marketing agency with a proven track record to leverage the many possibilities with this kind of marketing. They need to work on a strategy that furthers your business goal.

Why You Need Social Media Marketing Services?

As someone who has read a lot about social media marketing, you may have come across many incentives that this marketing technique offers. But it won’t be wrong to state that all that you have read or heard so far have been in bits and pieces. The social ecosystem has a lot to offer your brand in terms of helping you create a niche space for your products and services in the competitive market, hear your customers and be heard and most importantly drive sales and boost revenues. Here we take a look at some of the most obvious advantages of running a social media campaign.  

# It Is A Level Playing Field

As a small business or a startup you have little or no chance to match up to your giant rivals when it comes to the traditional channels of marketing. Your paltry marketing budget would any day be dwarfed by the spending prowess of your giant rivals. Social media on the other hand offers you a level playing field where you can lock horns with your giant rivals and stay ahead of them in the marketing game with a small budget. The entry barrier is low and the success of a campaign isn’t decided by the marketing budget rather it is dependent upon how creatively the campaign is run and managed.

# It Helps In Establishing Authority

In the field of marketing you are well aware of the importance of establishing authority over a subject or a domain. There are two basic requirements when it comes to establishing authority in a domain. First is the subject knowledge (which we can fairly presume you already have in terms of the knowledge around your industry) and secondly it is your reach. Social media marketing helps you increase your reach among potential customers. You can become part of industry related social groups and post your opinions on important subjects that concern your industry. Also you can also reply to the questions people post on platforms such as Quora and easily establish your authority.

# Your Competition is Doing It          

Almost all businesses in the world are running active social media campaigns and your competitors would be running their own campaigns. If you don’t run an active marketing campaign on these platforms you are losing out to competition. Imagine a scenario where one of your potential customers is searching for your name on Facebook and doesn’t see it. Will he/she still want to become your customer? You know the answer, don’t you?

# It Boosts Traffic To Your Website 

Over the years you may have spent enormous effort and money in running a Search Engine Optimization campaign to boost targeted traffic to your website. After all it is surely the most established form of digital marketing. But did you know that an active social media marketing campaign can boost traffic to your website? Over the last few years social signals have become an important part of search engine rankings on Google and Bing has also followed suit. If you run an active social media campaign your website’s rankings receive a major boost on the search engines.

# It Helps Connect and Learn From Customers

If you were to ask media experts in Delhi to state the greatest advantage of running a social campaign without a doubt this is the advantage that all of them would talk about. All other forms of digital marketing from SEO to PPC have their limitations when it comes to interactions with the audience. Social media on the other hand establishes a channel where you can easily connect with your customers and share your message effectively. What makes it even more powerful is the fact that you will be able to learn from your customers. Take note of the feedback they provide on your products and services and you can improve them to meet their aspirations. Ask them about the kind of expectations they have and you are bound to get tons of valuable suggestions. It is surely a faster, cheaper and the most effective way of market research.

# It Helps In Building Brand Loyalty

In a competitive market brand loyalty acts as oxygen for any business. It helps in maintaining healthy stream of revenue and allows businesses to grow by ‘word of mouth’ marketing. If you are active on social media the odds of having loyal group of customers increases significantly. There have been numerous studies conducted on the effectiveness of social media marketing and most of these reports are unanimous in stating that strong presence on social media helps in improving brand loyalty. This isn’t surprising as an average person spends nearly 90 minutes on social platforms every day and you will benefit by staying in front of their eyes.

# It Allows Targeted Marketing        

The success of any marketing campaign depends on how well it is targeted. In the social media platforms where there are millions of users you need to run highly targeted campaigns to reach out to your potential customers. Thankfully social media helps in this endeavour. For instance if you wish to run an ad campaign on Facebook you will be able to target people based on their age, sex, location and interests. This improves the scope and success score of your campaign. Based on the success and reach of this targeted campaign you can retarget the users who have shown interest in your brand. Over the course of time this strategy will let you realise your business goals faster than other forms of marketing.

# It Offers Increased ROI       

All marketing campaigns ultimately boil down to Return on Investment. How did you fare for every dollar that was spent on your marketing campaign? Did the campaign help you increase your sales and revenue? And if stats are to be believed businesses that have been active on social media have benefitted immensely. It is estimated that close to 90% of businesses running a social campaign double up sales calls and leads within a month and 65% of these leads convert into sales. When compared to traditional forms of marketing social media campaigns are said to boost ROI for businesses by a minimum 300%.

Why Your Company Needs Social Media Consulting Services?

Is this question doing the rounds of your mind? It isn’t unfounded as in a tech savvy world most of us have been using social media in our individual capacity for more than a decade. You may already have been active on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and their likes and have a feeling you know what it takes to promote a business in the social ecosystem. But the truth is social media marketing is a different ball game. It is way different from how you connect with your friends and colleagues on different platforms. It is more about aligning your social media activities with the short and long term goals of your business. Here are some of the reasons why your company needs social media consulting services.

  • Social media marketing requires high levels of skills and expertise
  • It takes lot of practice for one to become a social media influencer
  • The ecosystem is evolving and so should be the strategies
  • It is a full-time job and not one done at leisure time
  • It allows you to focus on your core business activity

How a Social Media Consultant Can Help You?        

We have already talked about the importance of social media marketing and also seen the reasons behind hiring an agency specializing in social media management in Delhi. But what are the quantitative advantages of working with such an agency or in other words how would these agencies help you go beyond numbers and social media presence. Let us now take a look at how a social media consultant in India can help in promoting your business –

Brand Building            

You are well aware of the difference between a business and a brand. While you may have the best offerings in terms of products and services without an active marketing campaign you are far away from becoming a brand. When you hire a professional digital marketing agency they would work towards building your brand recognition. They would take your business to the next level where your brand name, logo and products become well recognized among your target audience.

Beating Competition

Business is getting competitive by the day and as a business you can only survive in this market by beating your competition. It isn’t the easiest of tasks to do as your competitors would also be trying to actively use social media to their advantage. But when you work with the best social media marketing expert in India you have an upper hand. The team would be well-versed in keeping your products and services ahead of your competitors. Even if your competitor has a larger market share having been in business much before you, a good expert would use the power of social media to narrow the gap and help you increase your market share in the long run.  

Spreading Brand Values        

Today’s customers have ample choice in terms of products and services they use and this is where brand value has become a market differentiator. A customer would want to engage with a business that adds value to the relationship and also makes contributions to the society. Social media marketers harness this aspiration by creating posts that strike an emotional chord with the users. For instance if your business has been supporting a noble cause you can raise awareness about the cause on social media and this helps both your brand as well as the cause you are supporting.

Increasing Clientele  

Irrespective of how big your business is you always need to add new clients and customers. This is the only way to grow and deal the downsides of your existing customers switching brand loyalty. One of the major thrust areas for any social marketing expert is to increase your clientele. They would create influential posts and run activities on different social media channels that help in increasing the number of likes, comments, shares etc. which goes a long way in spreading your business name virally and in return increase your clientele.

What are Monthly Social Media Packages?

If you have been scouting through the websites of social media agencies in Delhi you would have read about monthly social media packages. So what exactly are these monthly social media packages? In simple words they are a monthly fee that you would need to pay to the expert for certain social media activities. Most agencies or experts would offer you a wide choice of marketing packages. The pricing of the packages vary in terms of the activities and tasks performed under them for the period. They are meant to address varying needs of businesses and also be in line with their marketing budget. While a marketing agency’s premium package would definitely offer you more traction you can always get started with their starter plan and scale up once you start experiencing the innumerable benefits they offer.

How to Choose the Right Social Media Packages?

If you are puzzled with social media management pricing in Delhi you aren’t alone. With different agencies pricing their services or rather packages differently being in a state of dilemma is quite natural. It goes without saying that not all monthly packages are the same and you should never choose one based on pricing alone. If you do so you may end up working with an amateur agency and not be able to derive maximum value out of your marketing budget. Here are some of the things you need to keep in mind while choosing the right social media package for your business.

Map Against Your Needs        

Businesses have different needs from social media campaigns. While some want to establish their presence on social platforms others are looking to increase traffic to their website. There are many businesses that use social media for customer service while others look to increase their online visibility. While many of these needs may overlap one another they are have their inherent challenges. Thus you need to choose a social media package that addresses your niche needs.

Don’t Fall for Cheap & Affordable     

You may have come across agencies offering you ‘affordable’, ‘cheap’ and ‘low cost’ social media marketing packages. Take them with a pinch of salt and in most cases you should avoid them. The reason is simple – if they are charging well below what the best agencies charge this would be in lieu of many compromises. They may lack seasoned campaigners, use sub-standard content or not run an active campaign at all. You don’t merely need to run a campaign, you have to run an inspiring one that gets you strong leads and boosts your market presence.

Know What You Shall Get      

You need to know what you would get from the package. Most packages may vary on the number of activities that are carried out under it. Which social media platforms would be targeted during your campaign? What kinds of activities would be carried out under the package? Will the agency create content on your behalf or you need to create the content? You need to find answers to some of these questions and know what you are paying for and what you shall get in return.

Consistency of Activities        

This is one aspect of choosing a package that you should never ignore. There are agencies that would undertake multiple activities once in a week or in short bursts and keep your social media handles ideal for days at a stretch. Most of these agencies or experts work with multiple clients and carefully manage their resources to maximize their output. Not surprisingly such an approach doesn’t offer you much in terms of value. What you rather need are constant posts on a daily basis that will reassure audience of your presence on a daily basis. Over time you will benefit in terms of increased engagement with your target audience.

Weblyke – The #1 Social Media Marketing Agency in Delhi

Social media marketing offers immense benefits to your business and there is no denying the fact that you need to work with the best social media marketing agency in Delhi. If you are looking for the one that ticks all the right boxes your search has just ended. At Weblyke we are a data-driven team and have been helping clients establish strong footprint in the social space. From increasing brand awareness to lead generation and improving your sales funnel we have the right skills and expertise to help you leverage the power of social media to the maximum. From individual professionals and small business to million dollar enterprises we have met everyone’s needs and delivered on their desired goals.

Unlike other agencies that often employ a cookie cutter approach to marketing we don’t believe there is a formula to success. Every business is different with respect to its target market, competition and product positioning. Hence we start every campaign at the drawing board preparing a tailored strategy that cashes in on your inherent advantages and addresses your business’ pain points. Our expertise in all areas of digital marketing ensures that your social media campaign stays aligned with your other online and offline marketing campaigns and lets you stay ahead of your competitors.

If you are worried that your small marketing budget would limit your campaign, put all your apprehensions to rest as we would help you earn maximum ROI with our technical acumen and creativity. In fact we are the first choice social media marketing consultants for small businesses in Delhi and have developed expertise in making the best out of small budgets and ensuring high rate of customer acquisition.

We boast of having the best social media influencers in India, a team that we have hand-picked and who bring years of experience in various facets of digital marketing. We have been a part of the evolutionary process in this domain and in sync with the changes and trends in this market.

Want to lend wings to your social media presence? Wish to dominate the social space and leave your competitors behind? Want to become an authority on the social platforms? Let us partner you in this endeavour.