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Ubersuggest – A Keyword Research Tool For Everyone

Ubersuggest Keyword Research Tool

A keyword research tool sees all kinds of users – from occasional bloggers who expect a million views on their posts to seasoned professionals whose bread and butter depends on the right use of these tools to manage SEO and PPC campaigns for their clients. The ultimate goal for everyone is to rank high on Search Engine Results Page (SERPs). But not everyone sees desired results in terms of ranking, traffic and conversion.

While most failures are borne out of a user’s inability to get the best out of free keywords suggestion tool, often the tools act as a limitation. Now if you have tried multiple tools in the past you aren’t likely to be too excited when you hear about a new keyword planner.

So why is there so much talk about Ubersuggest created by an unremarkable Italian developer? Let us find out

Let’s start by stating a few facts first. Keyword planner tool market is fragmented and you have two sets of players. The paid tools such as SEMrush, Moz, and Ahrefs are minting millions of dollars every week and they are being widely used by digital marketing agencies from around the world. While they don’t guarantee success their advanced features allow users to explore deep into keyword data and uncover high potential keyword suggestions that can improve odds of ranking high.

On the opposite end of the spectrum are free keyword planner tools such as Answer the Public (whatever that means), and of course good old Google Keyword Planner Tool.

Turning to Ubersuggest, it started with a bang and then lost out until it was picked up by SEO wizard Neil Patel and re-launched on his site. Since then it has again found traction with the users and is being rated as one of the best free keyword tools.

Getting started has never been easy

No need to sign up, no form filling – you want to search for a keyword so just do it. That’s how Ubersuggest has been envisioned and that is what it exactly does. If you are looking to optimize a page or run a campaign with ‘how to’ content you can simply search using the long tail keyword and find your suggestions. In this example we search for ‘how to upgrade android’ and here are the results.

So we get keyword suggestions ideas such as

  • Update Apps
  • Latest Android Version
  • Android Update
  • Update My Phone

These suggestions offer you the perfect starting point to carry out advanced research and take your research exercise to a logical level.

Ubersuggest v/s Google Keyword Planner Tool

Like most others who have tried their hands in keyword research you would have surely tried your hands on Google Keyword Tool Planner which is obviously the most popular free keyword planner. So comparisons between the two are obvious.

How does Ubersuggest compare against Google’s keyword tool?
We put it to test using a keyword combination of ‘devil horn’ and sort results by search volume. The results we came across are pretty interesting. Let’s start by taking a look at what Google Keyword Planner Tool showed us.

Please take note of the keywords that we have highlighted as they aren’t exactly what we are looking for. And if you are planning to create a campaign around these keywords you will have to spend substantial time throwing out the unrelated results as you may already be doing.

And what does Ubersuggest offer us for the same keyword with the same procedure.

You have your results and you can clearly see that Ubersuggest offers us far more relevant results for the specific keywords. There is a downside however and it is related to the search volume which is much lower compared to Google and quite understandably so given the search engine giant’s prowess in this industry.

Should you dump Google Keyword Tool Planner?

No, if you wish to run a PPC campaign as the CPC results are far better than that offered by Ubersuggest. Since both these tools are free it would be wise to use both of them while looking for keyword suggestions. You can start by Google Keyword Tool and look at the trends and narrow down your selection before moving to Ubersuggest for finer selection.

What Makes It A Hit?

You don’t need to pay a dime        
The tool is absolutely free and if you are an occasional blogger or an agency that works with clients at the lower bands of the payment spectrum this is an ideal tool for you. The good side is that it is ‘absolutely free’ and you won’t have any limitations while researching for keywords unlike some other so called free tools hide their advanced features behind a pay wall. You have access to all the results and can use at for professional work and not come across messages such as “Sign Up for Premium Account” to see more!

You can trust its data       
Since the tool was acquired by Neil Patel it pulls its data from Google suggest and this along with its inherent data research methodology offers you much more reliable results. It digs deep into search engine data and throws up real keywords and key phrases that are being used by users while browsing. When it comes to long tail keywords it us surely among the best keyword research tools that you would ever come across.

You need know have knowledge of rocket science   
If the blogging bug has bit you recently or you have started with SEO off late you don’t have to sweat it out to use Ubersuggest. In fact it is one of its greatest USPs as the tool has a simple interface where you search for keywords and you get your results.  This is a welcome change from many of the popular tools available that offer tons of menus and options often discouraging an average person from trying out keyword research. Most of these tools have grown into complex platform over the years and if you didn’t grow with them you are in for some nerve-wracking moments.           

You see comprehensive results     
It may be free but that doesn’t mean that the search results on this tool are by any chance limited. You will see hundreds of results and get information on everything from volume to competition and information on CPC. The cost per click feature has been a recent addition helping it overcome one of the major drawbacks that critics had often talked about in the past. In fact compared to other free keywords suggestion tools the results are more comprehensive.

Does It Have Limitations?

Google does and so does Apple and hence there is no shame for the Ubersuggest team that the tool has its limitations. If you are looking for advanced keyword research this isn’t surely the tool for you. For example you won’t be able to get keyword ranking information using this tool which some of the paid tools offer you.

The bottomline
If you need comprehensive keyword suggestion and don’t wish to see transactions on your credit card, this is the tool for you. With new improvements Ubersuggest is as good a free keyword planner tool you would ever come across. For beginners it is the best tool to get started with and takes them through the world of keyword research in easy steps.