6 Tips to Hire WordPress Developer in India and Get the Best from Them

WordPress is undoubtedly the most popular web development platform in the world. This Content Management System has transformed web development and empowered small businesses and individual users. To get the best out of this platform you need to hire WordPress developer in India with a proven track record. Here we share six tips that will help you hire the best developers and get the best from them.

#1 Give The Hiring Process Time    
It’s good to be instinctive but it is equally unworthy to rush through the process of hiring a developer for your WordPress website. While you may be impressed with the presentation or workflow chart shared by the first agency you come across you shouldn’t make up your mind before talking to a few others. India has hundreds of digital agencies and it pays to look around.                  

Why this is Important?     
You can’t be sure about the skills and expertise of the best professionals unless you compare them against others. Give the process due time and you will be able to make informed decisions.  

#2 Talk To The Developer/Team    
Don’t be impressed with their fancy website or ink the deal talking to the sales person in the agency. While hiring a WordPress developer you must always insist on talking to the developer or the team that would work on your project. Explain to them the scope of the project and ask for their inputs and ideas. This conversation will help you decide whether you should hire them for your project.           

Why this is Important?     
The success of your website is solely dependent on the skills of the developer or team that is working on your project. The achievements of the agency or the laurels they have earned in the past are inconsequential. 

#3 Avoid Cheapest Developer in Town         
Are you amazed at how a WordPress developer has quoted a ‘jaw dropping’ fee for developing your website? Yes there are developers who are willing to work at $100! The only problem is that you may never ever hear from them after transferring the initial fee or be left with a website that can only be termed as ‘CHEAP’.               

Why this is Important?     
Your website is your digital identity and hence you shouldn’t be too excited about saving a few dollars upfront. A seasoned developer can earn you his/her fee in a couple of months.

#4 Stay Away From Celebrity Designers       
If the ‘cheap WordPress developers’ are a nightmare, hiring a ‘celebrity’ designers can deliver a killer blow to your project in terms of the project fee. There are developers who will charge five-fold or ten-fold fee in the name of ‘high-quality’ coding skills and promise you the moon. You end up burning a hole in your pocket and don’t get anything exceptional.

Why this is Important?     
Don’t let someone befool you in the name of ‘Quality’, ‘Scalability’ and ‘Results’. Do your research and know the going rates before you hire WordPress developer in India. 

#5 Stress on Upgrades and Maintenance     
Does the agency stress on upgrade and maintenance services as a part of its USP? If not you should stress on these factors and see how they react. Irrespective of how good a site is designed or the advanced functionalities it has, it will start to date and wear down soon and this is where maintenance becomes one of the most important factors to consider.

Why this is Important?     
Web development is a continuous process where your site has to be updated, issues have to be fixed and new functionalities added. You should stress on a lasting marriage with the designer and avoid short flings.

#6 Don’t Ignore Deadlines               
Most agencies work on multiple projects at the same time and this means the resources working on your project may also work on other clients’ project. While this is normal operating procedure in any agency you need to set clear criteria regarding the number of hours the developer(s) would work on your project and deadline for the final delivery of the project.

Why this is Important?     
When it comes to launching a website or delivering promised services to your existing customers you can’t afford to have ambiguity over schedules and fixing a deadline becomes very important.

Taking note of these things will ease the process of hiring WordPress developer in India and getting the best out of them.

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