5 Things You Must Let Know WordPress CMS Developer to Ensure Project Success

Today your website is often seen as the best reflection of your business. Your customers expect three important things from your website – information, ease of communication and comprehensive customer support. Quite naturally a website that is designed and developed in haste isn’t likely to serve this purpose. What you need is a custom designed website that addresses the minutest business problems and capitalizes on all opportunities. You need to work with a seasoned WordPress CMS developer to meet your needs. While most businesses agree on the fact that they need a worthy website, they often don’t let the developers know of their exact needs and deny them of other inputs that can go onto improve the project output.

So here are five things you must let know WordPress CMS developer to achieve a website tailored to your needs and liking.

‘Specify’ Your Need

“I need a website”, that’s like going out to a pizzeria ordering for a pizza without specifying on the size and toppings. Many clients surprisingly don’t see the merit of discussing the idea at length with the developers. This often results in a website that is good but isn’t tailored to their exact requirements and doesn’t address the core business problems. Putting in a few extra days and weeks in the planning stage helps you achieve better results. While you may lack technical knowhow you can always describe what you are looking and let the WordPress CMS developer come up with a plan.

Website’s Goals

Why are you developing this website? Is it merely meant for information purpose or do you want to also use it as your ecommerce platform? It is very important for the developer to know what you aim to achieve through your website this allows them to plan it out accordingly. It would also be wise to spell out your future goals with the website. For instance if you wish to start selling online through this platform in the future, your developer being aware of this can work on a design and structure that allows you to add ecommerce module seamlessly in future.

Discuss Content

Design and content should seamlessly blend with each other. Often businesses land up with a design that cannot accommodate their content ideas or turns it into an eyesore. In other cases they are left with large empty spaces that weren’t desired. Thus it always pays to discuss the kind of content, its length, number of H1, H2 tags etc. with the designer as they will be able to incorporate these ideas while developing your website.  

Competitor’s Website

Often the purpose of website isn’t only to create a digital identity but also to beat your competitor(s) in the game of digital marketing. When you let your developers know of who your top competitors are, it just gives them that extra bit of information required to help you take a lead in this game. They would carefully study your competitors’ website for its strength and weaknesses and develop one for you that give you the edge.

Be Clear On Copyright

If the WordPress CMS developer is developing your website from scratch you should have a clear idea about the copyright of your website’s design. While majority of the agencies would let you own the design’s copyright there are some who often trick you into believing this and later use the same design to serve other clients or preventing you from switching over to a new developer or host blocking your switch to a new agency. You should clear the air before preparing the initial contract and make this clause a part of the contract itself.

Keep these things in mind and you are ready to sail through with your website and get the best out of your WordPress CMS developer.

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